The current economic volatility has caused many of us to be concerned about our investments and thus spend our time worrying about how best to manage our money and stay ahead of the challenge of protecting our hard earned money and maximizing our investment portfolio. Most of us are careful about our career choices, our […]

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I’ve had many meaningful conversations with clients about the importance and prevalence of software used by larger companies to sort through the often hundreds of applicants for one single job. The reality lies in the accuracy and ease that technical solutions bring to these companies and in the process the reduction of man hours. The […]

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I came across this post this week; it helps explain a bit about how companies today find the perfect fit for the job posting. Liane Posted by Nancy Anderson in Career Advice • Oct 27 As you begin the job-seeking process, you might think that the old way of building your resume is good enough. However, a brilliant resume is one […]

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