Every defensive driving program will invest a great deal of the course on prevention and defensive driving techniques, such as reversing a skid, proactive positioning to avoid a catastrophe. Careers have skids and rollovers too, but who teaches us how to avoid these? Our grandmothers? Our academic mentors? I doubt it since every route is unique […]

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One morning this week I woke to find evidence a deer entered my back yard and raided my garden. With the reality that all my efforts to nurture my organic endeavours and fantasies of wholesome nutrition were devoured whilst I slept soundly just inside the open window only meters above frankly, devastated me. From this […]

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Oh, the anti-spam cleaning frenzy.  I love it! It feels sooooo darn good to know that very very soon, my inbox will be less cluttered with useless data, info, items, options, deals and junk!  So much so, that I have likened the new anti-spam law to my self-clean oven, except I don’t even have to […]

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In a world where advancement is typically weighted upon one’s ability to move ahead, and keeping an eye on opportunities around the corner, I’ve come to contemplate the reverse: what about the value of looking back? I mean, haven’t we all heard or read about the true values in seeking passion? I’ve even researched studies […]

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The most recent Mother’s Day impressed upon me how special occasions have become an  exercise forced upon us as a collective society to focus on the present moments. Whether we wish to or not, we are obliged to examine the elements that society claims are moments to celebrate. During this recent occasion, I happened to […]

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Recently, I have been given the opportunity to work with a new luxury lifestyle magazine that is coming to Western Canada in my dream role as “Editor & Publisher Western Canada.” In the process, I have been assigned to lead and manage a team of sales people whom I’m grooming to step out in debutante […]

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A career journey is both singular and unique. Due to this notion, there is not one single nugget of advice I could utter to a group of job seekers other than be prepared for the unknown. Granted many of you are happily moving along and upward in your chosen career path, while others are languishing. […]

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‘Hmmm ….what if I had accepted that position?’ Vision is seeing. Image is that which is seen. Focus is a sharpening of both. “Deep within you lives your vision–it’s you in the form of your purest potential, your real self. Your true vision is your core being telling you who you really are. It defines […]

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…. “time flies.” Does it? Do we? Indeed we can fly and time can take flight, but do we really fly? Reflecting on the past month, the first one of the year I can say personally that time flew by, but most likely because I took a vacation and every day was full and fantastic. […]

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As we move into the nostalgia of the Holidays, we tend to reflect on a year passed. We take time to meet with friends we don’t often see throughout the year.  We send gifts of gratitude to those who make our year a bit more pleasant, like the postman and tip our favourite barista. I’d […]

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