Smarten up …..your resume!

Clients and prospects often ask me about what’s trending in resume fashion. Gone are the days of the one page resume within which one is expected to document every detail of an entire career.

While there are occasional shifts in what’s ‘hot’ per se, there are some key elements that simply make some resumes stand out above others.  I found this article online, and despite the fact the source is American, the content reads through without prejudice:

Ultimately, an attractive resume gets noticed; keep yours uncluttered and the facts pertinent to the type of role you represent and the position you are applying for (or striving to attract)!

Think positive and positive things will come.



Skidding Out of Control

Every defensive driving program will invest a great deal of the course on prevention and defensive driving techniques, such as reversing a skid, proactive positioning to avoid a catastrophe.

Careers have skids and rollovers too, but who teaches us how to avoid these? Our grandmothers? Our academic mentors? I doubt it since every route is unique and we all drive differently and in custom career vehicles.

Less than a year ago I joined a group of highly respected professionals and experts in their own proven accords in the name of creating something bigger, bolder and better than ever seen before. We became a group of individuals amalgamating our separate dreams to feed a mutual fantasy.

When this ride began I hadn’t contemplated the importance of wearing my seatbelt, but I did strap it on in the name of caution for the unknown and recollection of past crashes. As drivers of our own careers and power vehicles, we like to believe that the idiots who cause crashes wear faces of others–some we recognize, but most we do not. In this process we preserve our hope and transfer our faults onto the faceless losers that can carry the fault of the situation they don’t often know they were granted by us as we fail to get to our destinations.

At this stage in my endeavours to launch this project I wish I could brag of some insanely impossible successes that I just happened to be a leader of, but I cannot. Truth is the process has been less than pretty. Most days I feel a sense likened to skidding out of control, but worst of all I feel this lack of knowing how best to contend with the sliding all around me, and blaming faceless idiots won’t help me gain control. I must do this myself in the face of my own survival–my career mortality, because at the end of the day I either pull into the garage or I end up in despair.

Career success depends much on our choices, but much of our growth comes in the challenges of learning how to contend with the unplanned, the surprises and the frustrations out there on the road. Ask anyone you deem as a true success what one event positioned his path to success. Likely, this achievement will be tied to a crash (or defeat) of some sort. And from that pile of rubbish rose the determination and growth required to make the changes and reposition into the home stretch.

So keep wearing the seatbelt, because it does save lives, but when the idiots obstruct your clarity, don’t discount the value in the flames and the residual ashes.

Best in success,


Protecting your nurtured space

One morning this week I woke to find evidence a deer entered my back yard and raided my garden. With the reality that all my efforts to nurture my organic endeavours and fantasies of wholesome nutrition were devoured whilst I slept soundly just inside the open window only meters above frankly, devastated me.

From this incident I wove the thread of how one can carefully plot out a career path by planting the necessary seeds (ie: education and volunteerism), water (ie: attracting the perfect employer) and fertilization (ie: working really really really hard) to grow the prize specimen, the very one that would indubitably win me the blue ribbon, and then failing miserably in spite of it all.

With my gardening endeavours as my analogy and despite the daily waterings and the organic bonemeal treatments, my seedlings were devoured in mere seconds by a more hungry, impatient and aggressive contender. From this incident I drew a direct contrast to how quickly and without any defence at all one can fall victim to fate and circumstance.

Although the deer was not invited to my garden party, I was at full fault by forgetting to close my side gate; I’d let down my guard. Had I been a wee more vigilant, I may have seen it coming, or best yet, prevented the hostile takeover altogether.

In closing, keep an eye open to your actions. Be wary of your positioning and most of all, don’t forget to close the yard gate in the name of your dreams and your investment to culture their potentials.



anti spam me!

Oh, the anti-spam cleaning frenzy.  I love it! It feels sooooo darn good to know that very very soon, my inbox will be less cluttered with useless data, info, items, options, deals and junk!  So much so, that I have likened the new anti-spam law to my self-clean oven, except I don’t even have to program it!

I’m excited, yes. Come this August, I’ll no longer loath the new message indicator on my electronic devices. In fact, it will feel a whole lot like pulling open my closet doors and knowing that everything spread wide before me was either invited or actually fits! The rest will be gone because I willed it to be.

Thank you new anti-spam law, and welcome!


“Rwd’ might be the ideal ‘F-Fwd’

In a world where advancement is typically weighted upon one’s ability to move ahead, and keeping an eye on opportunities around the corner, I’ve come to contemplate the reverse: what about the value of looking back?

I mean, haven’t we all heard or read about the true values in seeking passion? I’ve even researched studies that attest to applying those fundamental gifts (read passions) from childhood to your adult career to gain your ultimate rewards!

Imagine that! The supreme jumprope skipper in the entire neighbourhood becoming …well …paid for her vertical and agility?

Seriously, it’s been proven that the very skills we were attracted to during our youth are often the very ones that have the capacity to make us very, very successful within our chosen careers. Rembrandt? Steve Jobs? Spielberg?

The older I get, the more limits I tend to place on my capacity for patience, charity (in all forms!), and my selfishness to utilize my time doing that which I truly enjoy.  Sometimes that equates to an extra 20 minutes of yoga, or an longer walk with my two senior dogs, or two joy-filled hours in my jewelry studio.

As I ripen in my career, I have come to appreciate the moments I feel truly joyful. What I’ve come to summarize, and that which I’m impressing upon you, is to realize that when you are spending time (yes, ‘spending’ like money), you should be investing. A quality investment will provide returns, even if you have to ‘ride it out:’ go with your gut.

Enjoy the ride!

Best always,


your now moment

The most recent Mother’s Day impressed upon me how special occasions have become an  exercise forced upon us as a collective society to focus on the present moments. Whether we wish to or not, we are obliged to examine the elements that society claims are moments to celebrate.

During this recent occasion, I happened to be out shopping alone; both my children are older now, one lives in a different province and one had to work. While browsing through racks of clothes, I noted two teenage sisters helping their mom select her new wardrobe for the coming spring season. One daughter was quite vocal (read opinionated), while her sister was content to push the cart.

I wondered what if today was not Mother’s Day; would these two girls be helping their mom pick out her newest golf attire? Having had two teenagers myself, I thought not. However, in this moment, they all seemed to be enjoying the moment.

These moments of examination, both personally and relationally can be powerful exercises in establishing our lines of success, our stumbling blocks and our desires. When asked what I wanted to eat for breakfast on Mother’s Day by my daughter, before she left for work, I chose my favourite style of eggs and savoured watching her prepare them while I sipped my favourite coffee.

Retrospection is another meaningful tool we often use on occasions such as these. My daughter recollected over breakfast her own memories of Mothers’ Days gone by and the many brunches we’d attended, family picnics, pets not longer with us and such. She even had her own favourite Mother’s Day. Reflection can be a sound measurement indeed, but it can also conjure regret, sadness and even guilt. As these emotions serve no value in the present (so I am told by my sister), or in future successes, once again I stress the importance of Now.

With the weekend dissolved into a pleasant assortment of memories, the work week ahead not quite formulated, I value what this moment brings me as a writer, as a mother who’s children no longer scamper beneath my feet, or cry out for snacks or minor first aid. In the silence that is my motherhood now, I celebrate the tiny victories.

Wishing you happiness in your now,


How much value does your elevator pitch contain?

Recently, I have been given the opportunity to work with a new luxury lifestyle magazine that is coming to Western Canada in my dream role as “Editor & Publisher Western Canada.” In the process, I have been assigned to lead and manage a team of sales people whom I’m grooming to step out in debutante fashion to charm and captivate a new and elite market space.

In this process, I have placed focus on how crucial first impressions are and how we only have one first shot at it.  My extended communication to my team today revolved around the elevator speech, or pitch.

Since we all claim to strive to be our best, I thought I’d share this link with you, as the value of a quality elevator ‘schpiel’ is a very valuable tool for many aspects of success.

So, here’s to your success and your captivating elevator spiel! Cheers!


Be prepared for the …….BEST

A career journey is both singular and unique. Due to this notion, there is not one single nugget of advice I could utter to a group of job seekers other than be prepared for the unknown.

Granted many of you are happily moving along and upward in your chosen career path, while others are languishing. Regardless of your positioning, it is crucial to nurture an accurate and updated document for several reasons:

  • for the up-and-coming junior exec: you must be ready for the promotion and the day your boss says, “I think you would be the perfect fit …”
  • for the languisher: having a ready-to-go resume will allow you to bid on any job opportunity that comes your way

In both cases, and regardless of the motivation, the examination (or measurement, if you will) of your career becomes a valuable tool when you step out of your current position.

I urge you to take the time to read through your current resume, or better yet, have someone close to you read it. You may be very surprised what they perceive, despite the fact they likely know many details of your daily activities and responsibilities.

Be brave. Be prepared.



Sharpen your vision

‘Hmmm ….what if I had accepted that position?’

  • Vision is seeing.
  • Image is that which is seen.
  • Focus is a sharpening of both.

“Deep within you lives your vision–it’s you in the form of your purest potential, your real self. Your true vision is your core being telling you who you really are. It defines your personal greatness.” 

(Toni Turner, author of Day Trading Online)

Being in a position to transform your career and increase your earnings, improve or empower your lifestyle, is probably one of the most exciting things most of us may contemplate.  The surge of excitement we feel when a new opportunity has opened itself to us, the fantasy of a new beginning or the culmination of the long hard journey to finally reach the summit of the hierarchy–or even base camp–can be profound.

Opportunities lost are often the fault of our own failures, or weakened vision. We may watch options come into view, evolve, take hold, and often we ourselves entice them into our realm.  Then for reasons such as fear and complacency (or a plethora of others) we watch them recede with the momentum they had washed in with.

Accepting that we do command our own destiny is an overwhelming concept at times, especially when other factors are in play: family, lifestyle, finances, location, health …the list goes on.

Mourning an opportunity lost because we hesitated to look it straight in the eye, or maintain a gaze long enough to explore its attraction, is really a self-inflicted visionary mishap.

We have the power to bring into our realms a multiplicity of incredible opportunities in various aspects of life if we apply our talents and step out of the fluffy clouds we often create in the name of comfort. So the next time an attractive image comes into your line of sight, sharpen your focus at least long enough to envision the possibilities.

“Your vision is the truth of your being. Hold your vision in front of you like a lamp, and let its light show you the way to attainment.” (T.Turner)

You always have the choice to close your eyes if the light’s too bright.

Best in success,


Flying …

…. “time flies.”

Does it? Do we?

Indeed we can fly and time can take flight, but do we really fly?

Reflecting on the past month, the first one of the year I can say personally that time flew by, but most likely because I took a vacation and every day was full and fantastic.

I’m home now and trying to recover a system of order, a retraction of matters that got loosened while I was away, while all the time trying to maintain the value of why we all take time off.

If I’ve gained one really solid benefit from going away for a couple weeks, in escape of the snow and reality, it is that I gained clarity for the main aspects of my life.  I had time to reflect on my daily routine that I did not have to subscribe to. I had time to examine my career path and the very aspects of it that I actually missed while I was away and the ones I did not …at all!

Reflection is key to clarity and clarity is key to flight.

May you find the time this new year to advance your clarity of vision and maintain your jewels of what brings you satisfaction and flight.