“Liane, on Friday I was offered a position with a renewable energy firm in an executive role; there is no doubt that your rewriting my resume served as the catalyst for this;  I am so very pleased; I wish to thank you personally for your assistance.” (Steve A., )


“You’re welcome for the referral, I found you to be an awesome person to work with.” (Chris V., Calgary)

“The most complete and professional resume I have ever had.  I would highly recommend Liane to anyone seeking to enhance their resume potential” (Chad R)

“Thank you for the kickass resume.  I could not have landed any of the interviews that I had without your amazing help.  I actually landed four roles over this period, but only selected the last one.” (Tara R., VP Technical Services)

“Liane is our Writing Specialist.  She is excellent at what she does.  She has been working with us for two years.  We send 100% of our referrals to her.” (Catherine Brownlee, President, Prominent Personnel and CEO and President of Catherine Brownlee Inc.)

“…you are so fantastic at them, I will never be embarrassed to show off my resume…I’m very proud of it!” (C. Klaassen, EMT)

“I would like to thank you for meeting with me and prompting me to upgrade my resume, as I am sure it had a positive effect on the outcome. My new manager was familiar with several of the work and personal references I had listed, and thus confirms many of the points you made in your book.Thanks again for your boost of confidence during this stressful time.” (Mark C.)

“EXCELLENT, FANTASTIC, EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED!!!!! Thank you so much Liane. Give yourself a hug!  I think it is perfect as written. If potential client wants more info on me I can include either resume or profile as additional attachment.

I intend, over time, to itemize/list individual sucessful wells drilled, types and areas of reports prepared, etc. to back up each of the catagories listed in the Tretio Profile. I can do this myself when I get time.

Thankyou very much. I will be in contact regarding editing my argument in next few days or week.
Where can I get a copy of your book(s)?” (HERB V.)

“It is always an honour to meet someone of your stature, character, and class.  I appreciated the extra effort in spite of your vacation time.” (Larry H.)

Wow Liane! You are really good at this! You make me look brilliant!” (Scott S, Mortgage Professional)


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