In Positive Light

What better time to write a new post than the first day of a new year. Moving forward into this clean space affects us all uniquely and differently from year to year. Personally, 2018 has been a real mix of positive and negative – a new career role, the ending of a long-term relationship, completing my next novel manuscript, improved health and wellness regime, the ending of the same career role and the reunion of four dear friends with whom I’d lost touch with over the past 5-6 years.

One of the aspects I’ve embraced with much seriousness this past year is daily mediation. In doing so, I have come to be a more accepting person of what the universe brings me. Whatever we endure we choose to embrace it in either a negative or positive light. Some of the challenges I’ve endured this past year, such as ending a seven-year relationship as well as being terminated from my career role, have actually been gifts granted. Toxicity is something we may not directly seek to attain, but we all deal with it at some point and in many situations. For me, both these scenarios were highly toxic and I had merely found ways to manage them. Coming to terms with the fact that I actually had a choice not to endure these matters was hugely empowering and relieving.

Despite the fact I am starting 2019 single and unemployed, I am not daunted. I’ve decided to focus on the forward steps of allowing myself to vibrate in positive energy and view these circumstances as opportunities to open my self and spirit to attract new and brighter situations.

May you go into this new year feeling empowered and excited about all the great choices you have and how much potential there is to bring into your realm whatever you require to be successful.

Happy 2019,