From “Lux Time” to “Lull Time”

I recently commenced a new full-time corporate role as editor-in-chief of a longstanding (nearly 30 years!) national fitness magazine. On a personal and professional level, this is a dream career role, one I’ve vied for numerous times, came close, missed, marked  ….and have now secured.

I am excited, indeed! Competitions run high for these rare positions and I, being the lucky successor to the previous editor who dedicated eight years to the role, feel elated and empowered. Now, all gloating aside, I wish to digress ….

Inside the past decade of hard-carved freelancing, I pimped myself for every single contract I secure, and many I failed. This new role, being very different, in that interested parties lay out their wares, skills, wishes and products to me  ….without even an ask. The difference of which (is obvious and) has rapidly become a measure of the ‘odd space’ where in which there is currenly only a mild version of static, zero activity and an option for productivity (which may, or may not, arrive in a timely manner), and thus forcing me to prove I am an excellent manager of my time.

As a freelancer, I learned to embrace those voids (if you will) and fill them with other means of work, play, sourcing, rest, vacation ….or whatever, in order to maximize the potentials that the uncontrollable rhythms or off-beat syncopations running your own business hurl at you. Case in point: as I write this blog, I am toggling my yearning to blog, versus my need to eat healthy food, lacking the long-standing luxury of having any moment in the day to prepare a healthy meal. My normal is different now as I depart my home (office) at 7:30am and do not return until after 5pm. Nowhere in that period exists 30 minutes to get a jump on dinner — a healthy dinner — or take the dog, or me for that matter, on a rip around the parkway paths. Nope.

What I am learning is the fine art of multi-tasking-by-prioritization …..if I am not the first one to coin that term, I now own it. Fact being, laundry tonight is not essential, nutrition is — for tonight’s meal and tomorrow’s lunch. To prove my point, I stomached Costco on a Sunday so I could ensure healthy nutrition for me and my family for the week ahead. Seemingly, long gone are those days where I laced up my leathers, revved up my cruiser (or mountain bike, or road bike, or convertible) midday and took a breather from the stresses of the office to run a few errands while traffic is calm, dinner is on the simmer, and my workout is complete and ….oh, and my clients are satiated.

Enter the zone where my time is that of my new boss, a great boss I must say, but a boss all the same. To ensure my next paycheque and the satisfaction of my soon-to-be adoring readers, I will now learn the necessary (new) skills of maximizing lull-time and learn to transform it into the most productive time of my every day.