Subtle Changes

Experts of every kind will tell us that subtle positive changes are better than no changes at all: health, finance, relationships, etc. So, in my plight to learn how I can improve upon the frustrations and adjustments of my shared co-existence with my rescue dog, Daisy, of the past nine months, I recently subscribed to a pet health blog featuring ex-bodybuilder, Texan, christian and tax guru, Ty Bollinger. This week he is featuring an entire series on how we can make subtle adjustments to our pets’ environment to improve their health, reduce cancers and by effect, our own …and yes, he is using this as a foundation to make money.

As I contemplated how small things are an easy place to start, I moved around my kitchen searching for something to eat, with Ty’s podcast playing. I skipped the leftover pasta casserole in exchange for a fresh tossed salad with a homemade vinaigrette, tossed a few bits of finely-chopped broccoli into my dog’s bowl, to which she turned up her nose, and poured us both a glass of filtered water, not from the tap. What’s motivated me to share this with you is that while I was going about my day, there was a migraine brewing (the bright stars and fading vision, pressure in the temples). In the podcast Ty interviewed a well-known musician, Michael Tyrrell, who seems to be the re-igniter of wholetones –a blurry sort of classical music that has apparently proven to heal …dogs, cats, peeps with its precise frequency levels that create a physiological soothing effect upon us and thus drastically reduce our stress levels, and apparently even taking away what may have manifested into a monster migraine.

This past week has been one of my busiest weeks ever (as a freelancer) as the economic landscape in my city (Calgary) transitions itself slowly into a new frontier of hopefulness and out of the ashes of what was the past four years of the fall of the energy industry. I’ve been constructing resumes, bios, articles, presentations and even completed the first draft of my erotic novel, all at a rabbit’s rate and smiling all the while. The stress of it all, nonetheless, prevails, causing muscle tension, irritability, poor diet, minimal sleep.

While I write this post, I’ve issued a subtle change in my habits: I’m sampling the offerings of Ty Bollinger’s recommendations to integrate wholetones (and whole grains) into my (and Daisy’s) lifestyle by listening to a free YouTube version of wholetones.  It seems to be working: Daisy has folded herself contentedly at my feet, my headache is long gone, thus allowing clarity of message and productivity as I share my findings with you …and pour myself a glass of wine …subtle changes, remember?

Wishing you all the positive benefits of subtle change,