Time: your riskiest investment

The current economic volatility has caused many of us to be concerned about our investments and thus spend our time worrying about how best to manage our money and stay ahead of the challenge of protecting our hard earned money and maximizing our investment portfolio.

Most of us are careful about our career choices, our opportunities for advancement and in many cases, bolstering our education. We hand pick our financial advisors and research our options. In the process, we spend our time and energy where we feel we will gain our largest profit.

Consider Time:

Time is our largest and riskiest investment. We all have time to spend, but are we spending it wisely, in the most profitable arenas? Since time is intangible, we struggle to place a value on it. Nonetheless, we all own it and have the full capacity to control it, invest it and spent it as we feel best suited to our own custom portfolio. Time is so easily wasted. Once time is spent, it has no value. Time spent wisely, however, is money in the bank.

Time spent is directly tied to our focus of energy. If getting your MBA is deemed your ticket to attaining the title of COO, then that is time and energy well spent and a great investment. But if you spend your time thinking about getting your MBA and all that it will take to earn it, you are wasting your most valuable commodity.

Wishing you career successes,