Protecting your nurtured space

One morning this week I woke to find evidence a deer entered my back yard and raided my garden. With the reality that all my efforts to nurture my organic endeavours and fantasies of wholesome nutrition were devoured whilst I slept soundly just inside the open window only meters above frankly, devastated me.

From this incident I wove the thread of how one can carefully plot out a career path by planting the necessary seeds (ie: education and volunteerism), water (ie: attracting the perfect employer) and fertilization (ie: working really really really hard) to grow the prize specimen, the very one that would indubitably win me the blue ribbon, and then failing miserably in spite of it all.

With my gardening endeavours as my analogy and despite the daily waterings and the organic bonemeal treatments, my seedlings were devoured in mere seconds by a more hungry, impatient and aggressive contender. From this incident I drew a direct contrast to how quickly and without any defence at all one can fall victim to fate and circumstance.

Although the deer was not invited to my garden party, I was at full fault by forgetting to close my side gate; I’d let down my guard. Had I been a wee more vigilant, I may have seen it coming, or best yet, prevented the hostile takeover altogether.

In closing, keep an eye open to your actions. Be wary of your positioning and most of all, don’t forget to close the yard gate in the name of your dreams and your investment to culture their potentials.