Sharpen your vision

‘Hmmm ….what if I had accepted that position?’

  • Vision is seeing.
  • Image is that which is seen.
  • Focus is a sharpening of both.

“Deep within you lives your vision–it’s you in the form of your purest potential, your real self. Your true vision is your core being telling you who you really are. It defines your personal greatness.” 

(Toni Turner, author of Day Trading Online)

Being in a position to transform your career and increase your earnings, improve or empower your lifestyle, is probably one of the most exciting things most of us may contemplate.  The surge of excitement we feel when a new opportunity has opened itself to us, the fantasy of a new beginning or the culmination of the long hard journey to finally reach the summit of the hierarchy–or even base camp–can be profound.

Opportunities lost are often the fault of our own failures, or weakened vision. We may watch options come into view, evolve, take hold, and often we ourselves entice them into our realm.  Then for reasons such as fear and complacency (or a plethora of others) we watch them recede with the momentum they had washed in with.

Accepting that we do command our own destiny is an overwhelming concept at times, especially when other factors are in play: family, lifestyle, finances, location, health …the list goes on.

Mourning an opportunity lost because we hesitated to look it straight in the eye, or maintain a gaze long enough to explore its attraction, is really a self-inflicted visionary mishap.

We have the power to bring into our realms a multiplicity of incredible opportunities in various aspects of life if we apply our talents and step out of the fluffy clouds we often create in the name of comfort. So the next time an attractive image comes into your line of sight, sharpen your focus at least long enough to envision the possibilities.

“Your vision is the truth of your being. Hold your vision in front of you like a lamp, and let its light show you the way to attainment.” (T.Turner)

You always have the choice to close your eyes if the light’s too bright.

Best in success,