Flying …

…. “time flies.”

Does it? Do we?

Indeed we can fly and time can take flight, but do we really fly?

Reflecting on the past month, the first one of the year I can say personally that time flew by, but most likely because I took a vacation and every day was full and fantastic.

I’m home now and trying to recover a system of order, a retraction of matters that got loosened while I was away, while all the time trying to maintain the value of why we all take time off.

If I’ve gained one really solid benefit from going away for a couple weeks, in escape of the snow and reality, it is that I gained clarity for the main aspects of my life.  I had time to reflect on my daily routine that I did not have to subscribe to. I had time to examine my career path and the very aspects of it that I actually missed while I was away and the ones I did not …at all!

Reflection is key to clarity and clarity is key to flight.

May you find the time this new year to advance your clarity of vision and maintain your jewels of what brings you satisfaction and flight.