Tides are turning ….

With the multiplicity of challenges of the current economy comes a wash of unpredictability and change. Many of us have been forced to be creative in most aspects of our lives, where we used to have stability. For example, where we knew the mortgage payment was going to be paid by the security of our salary, and our two-week vacation was always on the horizon, we are now looking at the stresses of how to make these commitments viable, where once they were a given.

From my vantage, I am seeing an incredibly positive response to these challenges. Westerners are intelligent and educated folk and many of us are ripe with entrepreneurial characteristics and potentially profitable connections — both locally and abroad. What makes the West so resilient, is its undying drive to stay current, be vital and not succumb to the expected heaviness, such as that which defines a recession.

Memorable remnants of the floods of 2013, which for many of us are still so raw. Once the literal tides of the flood receded, a population and a community rose strong and vibrant and put back to right a city, and outlying area, in need of re-stabilizing.

The current status is no different in my mind: the West is a product of our global economy, effected by so many factors, drivers and volatilities. Nonetheless, the rapid current of positivity that thrums through Calgary despite any negative influencers is always in play.

Entrepreneurs are surfacing, successful professionals are seeking a higher education, taking a long-deserved voyage, start-ups are gaining funding, the government is responding (in some measures), and the corporate and private communities are demanding and embracing a new assortment of how to rebuild what will surely be the new and best frontier of the West.

The tides are turning.

In positivity,