Relaunching your career after a break

This video I’m sharing with you was brought to my attention by one of Calgary’s most recognized recruiter, Catherine Brownlee of CBI. Like her, I work with many clients who are “relaunching” their career.  The term was coined by Carol Fishman Cohen in the Ted Talk below and defines a broad spectrum of people who, for whatever reason, have been out of the workforce for some time.

The concept of reentering is often daunting, and as a resume specialist myself, I’ll tell you that your most lucrative tool is your resume, since it speaks in your absence.  What Ms Fisherman Cohen promotes is to suggest to your prospective employer to initiate an intern program, if they don’t already have one.

The concept of internship alleviates the employer from having to commit to a permanent hire; it allows the employee/intern to regain an income, new work experience and confidence. In addition to this, Ms Fisherman Cohen attests that the best interns are often the more mature individuals, who come with a well-seasoned portfolio and are not shy to dig in, work hard and they know what being part of a team means.

If you are reentering the workforce, I urge you to watch this 12-minute video and at your next job interview for the position that you really want, you’ll show your creativity by suggesting this win-win for both parties.