Time and Tide …..wait for no one

Albertans currently exist in some very tough times. For as long as I’ve been an Albertan (circa 1989), we have been in the proverbial bubble, somehow immune to all the volatility that hurls itself outside of our impenetrable energy industry walls.

To many people this is the Doom n Gloom: the extinguishing of the fantasies–the residential upgrade, the bigger or faster automobile, the month of vacation abroad. Reality has dropped the cleaver on the notions of frills n thrills and taken us back to the butcher block of basics: where our meat and potatoes derive.

Harsh times do indeed call for harsh measures and if you read at all you will know that beneath all these dark shadows is an undercast of contrast: the light. How else could one perceive the darkness? 

What goes down, must come up? …. Oh, the clichés…. stop!

In times of devastation there are always opportunities. If you’ve read any economic blogs, or listened to the global investment news of late, you should be primed to take advantage of some glistening opportunities that always reveal themselves as gems in times of strife. Like now.

I digress: I recall in 2008 when I was invited to take on a sales position with a Calgary-based O&G production investment firm that I had approached for my own investment needs. My new position as Business Development Manager was to sell to my clients shares on properties my new employer purchased as a corporation at liquidation (“save our *ss”) fire sales by major O&G producers in the area of the Bakken, ND. As a junior, we would turn these losses around and make profit, and that’s what we did!  Our new investment clients believed in the altar of regeneration and resurrection, and then as the markets turned we, too, turned a profit on the losses.  Sadly, though, only a few months after I started that position as BDM, the directors of the corporation took a wrong turn and their mismanagement (read greed) turned this opportunity into yet another disaster (read bankruptcy) and the subsequent loss of my job ….and my investment along with those of my new clients.

In times like this, we must resort to the true and honest: ourselves. In a world of changing tides and unknown hazards, we only truly have ourselves to believe in, our passion and essence of existence. Times of uncertainty bring with them unwanted stress, added burdens of financial demands and a very need to pare down to essentials. In these times we need to get real and we do.

As a resume writer, today I’m working with clients who realize that despite the burgeoning challenges, there is an opportunity to sharpen up while others may be licking their wounds. Over the past year I’ve met some incredibly brilliant and optimistic people who are not immune to the effects of our economic crisis, but are equally confident in what they know will become a rising from the ashes and staying ahead of this tide. 

I urge you to take this time to readdress and re-evaluate your senses. Consider the space and place you are living and the glimmer of hope amidst the darkness of the ashes of the Albertan energy industry. Trust that there is regeneration in the aftermath and that regeneration always comes from a fall. After all, there is only one way from the bottom: UP.

Best always,