Springtime and all its Raucous!

It’s Spring and the season of regeneration! Who doesn’t get excited about Spring and all it brings? For me, it has always been my favourite season.

For university students in particular, it’s the heralding of a year complete; exams are in full swing and the stress of all that comes with it is not so exciting for students.

My son, a third year university student studying psychology sent me a link that I will share with you here. He is studying animal behaviours and not surprising to any of us, it’s uncanny how humans have so many similarities to the animals of the wild.

This link made me contemplate how we go about our ways building our empires, spending our time and energy (and money) to create the most attractive scenarios. We humans strive to bring into our realms the best, or what we view will bring us success.

As I watched this BBC video about the Vogelkop Bowerbird that my son shared with me, I thought about what it is that I do as parent, as a professional and as a partner to attract things into my life. With much sincerity, I wish you the best in all you bring.