Strategy is key

In times of transition, I hear many of my clients struggle with how best to express or display their own career story. Of course, this is where I come in as a resume specialist. However, my work is never excellent without the contribution of my clients. As a virtual stranger, I read resumes as stories, depictions of my client’s journey on their career path, complete with incredible views and often some rough climbs along their way. Sharon Graham, is a career specialist, well known for her strategies, voice and impact on the workforces in our nation. I feel she says it best in her recent blog when she touches on how we all need to at least know our own story, and ideally go through the measures to tell it to our target market. Her approach to attracting any candidate’s target market is rationale and doable; I urge you to take part. Wishing you all career successes, Liane

Smarten up …..your resume!

Clients and prospects often ask me about what’s trending in resume fashion. Gone are the days of the one page resume within which one is expected to document every detail of an entire career.

While there are occasional shifts in what’s ‘hot’ per se, there are some key elements that simply make some resumes stand out above others.  I found this article online, and despite the fact the source is American, the content reads through without prejudice:

Ultimately, an attractive resume gets noticed; keep yours uncluttered and the facts pertinent to the type of role you represent and the position you are applying for (or striving to attract)!

Think positive and positive things will come.