anti spam me!

Oh, the anti-spam cleaning frenzy.  I love it! It feels sooooo darn good to know that very very soon, my inbox will be less cluttered with useless data, info, items, options, deals and junk!  So much so, that I have likened the new anti-spam law to my self-clean oven, except I don’t even have to program it!

I’m excited, yes. Come this August, I’ll no longer loath the new message indicator on my electronic devices. In fact, it will feel a whole lot like pulling open my closet doors and knowing that everything spread wide before me was either invited or actually fits! The rest will be gone because I willed it to be.

Thank you new anti-spam law, and welcome!


“Rwd’ might be the ideal ‘F-Fwd’

In a world where advancement is typically weighted upon one’s ability to move ahead, and keeping an eye on opportunities around the corner, I’ve come to contemplate the reverse: what about the value of looking back?

I mean, haven’t we all heard or read about the true values in seeking passion? I’ve even researched studies that attest to applying those fundamental gifts (read passions) from childhood to your adult career to gain your ultimate rewards!

Imagine that! The supreme jumprope skipper in the entire neighbourhood becoming …well …paid for her vertical and agility?

Seriously, it’s been proven that the very skills we were attracted to during our youth are often the very ones that have the capacity to make us very, very successful within our chosen careers. Rembrandt? Steve Jobs? Spielberg?

The older I get, the more limits I tend to place on my capacity for patience, charity (in all forms!), and my selfishness to utilize my time doing that which I truly enjoy.  Sometimes that equates to an extra 20 minutes of yoga, or an longer walk with my two senior dogs, or two joy-filled hours in my jewelry studio.

As I ripen in my career, I have come to appreciate the moments I feel truly joyful. What I’ve come to summarize, and that which I’m impressing upon you, is to realize that when you are spending time (yes, ‘spending’ like money), you should be investing. A quality investment will provide returns, even if you have to ‘ride it out:’ go with your gut.

Enjoy the ride!

Best always,