How much value does your elevator pitch contain?

Recently, I have been given the opportunity to work with a new luxury lifestyle magazine that is coming to Western Canada in my dream role as “Editor & Publisher Western Canada.” In the process, I have been assigned to lead and manage a team of sales people whom I’m grooming to step out in debutante fashion to charm and captivate a new and elite market space.

In this process, I have placed focus on how crucial first impressions are and how we only have one first shot at it.  My extended communication to my team today revolved around the elevator speech, or pitch.

Since we all claim to strive to be our best, I thought I’d share this link with you, as the value of a quality elevator ‘schpiel’ is a very valuable tool for many aspects of success.

So, here’s to your success and your captivating elevator spiel! Cheers!


Be prepared for the …….BEST

A career journey is both singular and unique. Due to this notion, there is not one single nugget of advice I could utter to a group of job seekers other than be prepared for the unknown.

Granted many of you are happily moving along and upward in your chosen career path, while others are languishing. Regardless of your positioning, it is crucial to nurture an accurate and updated document for several reasons:

  • for the up-and-coming junior exec: you must be ready for the promotion and the day your boss says, “I think you would be the perfect fit …”
  • for the languisher: having a ready-to-go resume will allow you to bid on any job opportunity that comes your way

In both cases, and regardless of the motivation, the examination (or measurement, if you will) of your career becomes a valuable tool when you step out of your current position.

I urge you to take the time to read through your current resume, or better yet, have someone close to you read it. You may be very surprised what they perceive, despite the fact they likely know many details of your daily activities and responsibilities.

Be brave. Be prepared.