What better time to write a new post than the first day of a new year. Moving forward into this clean space affects us all uniquely and differently from year to year. Personally, 2018 has been a real mix of positive and negative – a new career role, the ending of a long-term relationship, completing […]

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Three months ago I accepted a full-time role that requires me to work in an office environment. After a decade of independence as a freelancer working wherever I needed to or wanted to (and sometimes that was on a beach), I had a much harder time adjusting than I’d expected I would. I struggled with […]

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On my commute home this week during the home rush traffic, I spotted a black bra in the gutter beside where I was stopped at a light. I was en route to a speaking engagement that evening to deliver a motivational speech to a room filled with professional women whose careers were steeped in the construction […]

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I recently commenced a new full-time corporate role as editor-in-chief of a longstanding (nearly 30 years!) national fitness magazine. On a personal and professional level, this is a dream career role, one I’ve vied for numerous times, came close, missed, marked  ….and have now secured. I am excited, indeed! Competitions run high for these rare […]

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Recently I co-wrote a best-selling career handbook in which I developed the chapter titled “When in Rome.” The notion of the chapter was about working in an unfamiliar environment and fitting in with the culture and new surroundings in order to maximize your efforts and time invested. I conducted my own personal ‘Roman experiment’ a […]

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Experts of every kind will tell us that subtle positive changes are better than no changes at all: health, finance, relationships, etc. So, in my plight to learn how I can improve upon the frustrations and adjustments of my shared co-existence with my rescue dog, Daisy, of the past nine months, I recently subscribed to […]

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As I construct this blog post, outside the snow is falling; it’s been falling non-stop for twenty-four hours now. Just days ago, the sun was making a slush pile of what little snow was left, but you know what they say about the month of March ~~ With no option otherwise, we must re-don the cold […]

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I read the following on a career support website (Nexxt.com), written by John Krautzel. I do not necessarily believe that all of these are ‘gospel’ per se, as every resume must be approached in a customized manner. I.E.: there are no templates, but there are guidelines. These may help some of you who are doing […]

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Several months ago, I adopted a three-year old dog from the Humane Society. Well, they told me she was three years old … she’d been seized by the police from her previous home and kept in protection for a month prior to her adoption. The past five months have been a real challenge for both […]

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While no two resumes are identical, there are some general guidelines or ‘rules’ that will increase attraction and impact of the document. I found this recent blog post, on www.Nexxt.com, that I wish to share with you. I may not agree completely with all the points, but there is much value to be gained for […]

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